EXHIBITSHave you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time?  Now you can! Experience the fight for your freedom through the eyes of American heroes, as The Armed Forces Military Museum (AFMM), walks you through military history from a WWI trench to the flight deck of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi.  Currently the museum has completed displays reflecting WWI, an extensive display of Japanese memorabilia associated with the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor, displays of the USMC in the South Pacific, D-Day landings and German Third Reich memorabilia. Exhibits are enhanced with simulations of smoke, sounds of airplanes and tanks, and other audio/visual effects.  These effects will make you feel you are part of the action.

EXHIBITSThe museum currently is developing several additional displays and dioramas.  You will see unique the presentations of equipment and weapons.  The remaining displays will be completed by June 2009.  Future displays will include the Korean War (MASH Unit, Rosie’s Bar and the “Frozen Chosin”, Cold War, Vietnam, Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia), Afghanistan and Enduring Freedom (Iraq).  Among the numerous vehicles, equipment and memorabilia – three of the most outstanding artifacts are a wooden cross-bow used in Vietnam, the only known full service uniform of Saddam Hussein in the United States, and a Ford M151 experimental utility truck (jeep).