Armed Forces History Museum Hosts Molly’s Adopt A Sailor Item Drive

On Friday, February 15th from 4 – 6 PM, the Armed Forces History Museum is proud to sponsor a very special event – “Molly’s Adopt a Sailor”.   Admission to the event is free of charge to those who bring items to be placed in care packages.  Items may include non-perishable food items (no chocolate), hygiene products, books, blank note cards to send back home, writing tablets, magazines or cards and letters from home.  Those who wish to attend the event but do not bring an item for care packages will be admitted for $15.  Tours of the museum, light hors d’oeuvres as well as beer and wine will be available.  The museum will also offer M8 rides.  Up to three people may ride for $50.

About Molly’s Adopt A Sailor

Molly’s Adopt A Sailor Project, a broad-based, collaborative and community initiative, supports deployed United States Military Personnel by way of cards, letters, and care packages filled with love, support and necessities from home. Thus far, the 501(c)3 organization has reached nearly 20,000 sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen and coasties nation-wide.  Mothers and communities from all over the United States pack boxes and ship them.

Molly’s Adopt A Sailor Project embraces three divisions:  We Ship Love, a monthly adoption program of all branches; Special Hugs, with focus on supporting combat hospitals with supplies, patient needs and morale boosters; and We Stitch Love, a division that creates hand-made pillowcases and other items.

Molly’s Story

In March of 2008 when Molly’s son graduated from Navy boot camp in Illinois, he told her there were others at boot camp that never received any mail.  She went back to her hometown and spoke with a co-worker who had a nephew leaving for boot camp and she asked permission to write to him.  She also recruited others to write as well as requested help from other Navy mom friends to help with writing letters of encouragement and support.  As the group grew, they decided they could adopt deployed soldiers far from home.

In June of 2008, they adopted their very first group of five EOD soldiers.  Time as gone by and more moms joined.  The organization has grown to hundreds of Navy moms representing every state in the union.  Their own website, Twitter and Facebook accounts were created and they have been able to greet some of their adoptees upon their return.  The organization continues to grow daily.

The Armed Forces History Museum is proud to be a sponsor of this very worthy cause.  Please take this opportunity to show a very special type of support to our troops.  Come out and join the AFHM for Molly’s Adopt A Sailor on Friday, February 15th from 4 PM to 6 PM.