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Best Biometric Gun Safes in 2020 – Reviewed


Every responsible gun owner knows that storing their guns in a safe is the best way to go. Storing a gun in a safe prevents unauthorized access to the weapons and gives their owner peace of mind. This is probably why more and more people are investing in these quality safes. Unfortunately, some of these safes for firearms make it hard for the gun owner to get to their weapons in a hurry, such as when someone is breaking into their home. Good thing that there is a kind of safe that does store guns securely and is easy to access in a hurry and that product is a biometric safe. The best biometric gun safes are easy to use, secure, and always give their owners the quick access they might need. That’s why we’ve decided to take a little bit of time to write more about these amazing products.

Quick Summary of the Best Biometric Gun Safes

Best Overall: Veri-Safe Smart Gun Safe

Even though this product looks like a nondescript black box, it’s one of the best biometric gun safes currently available. It’s a product that’s jam-packed with features and has a nice look to it that allows it to fit into the decor of any room. This safe has an exterior size of approximately 17.4×16.1×7.9-inches and has an interior size of 17.1×11.8×7.3-inches. That gives the gun owner 0.85 cubic feet of storage space, which is sufficient for most people.

This safe also features a 4mm front-opening safe door, 14-gauge safe walls, 20mm motorized locking bolts, and even mounting holes in the bottom and back so that it can be mounted to discourage theft.

The sturdiness of this safe would be enough to make it a great product to secure firearms, but it’s special features are what takes it to the next level. The first feature we would like to examine is this safe’s fingerprint sensor. Unlike other safes that only use a portion of the person’s fingerprint to make an identification to open it, this one has one of the largest fingerprint sensors available. And since it’s larger, it requires a larger portion of the person’s fingerprint to make a positive impression, and that prevents thieves from being able to circumvent this product’s defenses. It’s such a great fingerprint sensor, it’s one of the only FBI-Certified sensors of its kind.

All of the features mentioned so far are capable of helping the consumer keep their firearms safe, but this product takes it to the next level with its multiple alert systems. For example, this safe has an open-door alert that will sound if the gun owner fails to shut and lock their safe.

This product is also capable of self-diagnostics ensures its batteries are still functional. Another feature found on this safe includes timestamped and logged tamper alerts that log opening attempts, backup key access, and whether an attempt to reset the safe has been initiated. Other features include the ability to store 40 fingerprints, an auto-lock feature, and an LED night light feature. And it’s also capable of operating for years on only 4 AA batteries.

What we liked about it
  • It features an FBI-certified fingerprint detector.
  • This safe is secure and made of high-quality steel.

Also Recommended: Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

This biometric gun safe might not be one of the largest ones available, but we think that it’s going to be large enough for most people. This product has interior dimensions of 11×5.75×2-inches, which is large enough to store one full-size firearm and magazines, or 2-small guns and magazines.

This product is also easy to mount, so consumers can place it wherever they want. Now that we’ve stated its size, portability, and ability to be mounted so that it can’t be carried off, it’s time to talk about all of the security features that can be found in this safe. And trust us when we say that this safe does provide the user’s firearms with a lot of protection.

The first line of defense that any firearm safe has its exterior and this one has a pretty sturdy construction that it can boast about. It’s made with 16-gauge carbon steel that’s been powder-coated. This means that this safe will not only resist attempts to get into it, but it will keep it’s a good look at the same time.

Something else that’s impressive about this biometric firearm safe is that it is also equipped with reinforcing structures that help the safe maintain its integrity even if it’s being aggressively attacked by a thief. These reinforcing features include anti-pry reinforcement bars, interior mounted hinges, a design that doesn’t contain any welds that can be exploited, and it also has dual anti-impact latches, too.

The heart of any biometric safe, however, is its fingerprint scanner, and this one is capable of storing up to 20 fingerprints at a time. Unfortunately, as well made as the rest of the safe is, the biometric scanner is its weak point. Although we didn’t find that it ever let in anyone it wasn’t supposed to let in, it sometimes took several attempts for it to recognize the fingerprints of an authorized owner.

This makes getting into the safe a little bit slower than it should be, which might be a concern for people who feel like they need to access their firearms quickly. Having stated that, however, we still feel that this is one of the most secure biometric gun safes available and worth installing in a home.

What we liked about it
  • Made of high-quality steel.
  • Has been equipped with multiple anti-theft features.

Also Consider: BILLCONCH Smart Pistol Safe

This biometric gun safe might not be the toughest around and it might not have the features of other biometric pistol safes, but we feel that it’s still a good model that many people are going to enjoy. The first thing that we like about it is its inexpensive price tag. It’s anywhere from 30% to 50% cheaper than comparable safes, but that price reduction doesn’t mean that it’s a lower quality safe. Quite the contrary, this model is made out of 16-gauge carbon steel that’s been powder-coated for durability. It also a safe that’s large enough to hold a pistol and some magazines or other things the consumer needs to keep secure.

This safe has a size of 11.4×7.5×2.4-inches, which is large enough to store two small pistols, and its interior is padded to help keep those firearms safe while they’re in it. This model also has a rechargeable battery that can be used to open the safe up at least 5,000-times before it needs to be recharged again. And because it has an LED keypad, the user can have a backup combination for the safe, if they so desire.

Additional features found on this product include a fingerprint sensor, built-in LED lights and an anti-cut steel wire that can be used to mount the safe in a vehicle. All of these features make this a great budget biometric pistol safe that some consumers are truly going to love using.

What we liked about it
  • This is an inexpensive pistol safe.
  • It’s durable and protects the firearm well.

The Gun Owner’s Guide To Biometric Safes

Looking over some of the best biometric gun safes available, it’s easy to see why they’re quickly becoming a popular option. These safes keep pistols out of the reach of children and/or thieves, but are easy to get into when the gun owner needs to get into them. Before buying one of these safes, however, the consumer is going to need to pay attention to their options. That’s because not every gun safe is right for the gun owner. How it’s going to be used and its security level is just two of the things that gun owners are going to have to think about before purchasing one of these safes.

To help our readers decide among our top biometric gun safes, or choose a different one that they might want, we’ve decided to write this guide. This guide is designed to help gun owners navigate the features and the pitfalls of biometric gun safes, so the consumer can buy the one that best serves their needs. We’re going to go over most of the elements found on the average gun safe and mention the ones that the consumer needs to pay attention to when they’re purchasing a new safe.

The Safe’s Metal Is It’s First Line Of Defense

One of the very first things that the gun owner is going to want to pay attention to is the construction of the safe walls and doors. Consumers want to make sure that the safe is made of carbon steel and has a sufficient thickness to prevent the safe from being cracked open. As a general rule, the walls of the safe should be anywhere from 10-14 gauge to make it a sturdy gun safe. And since the door is most likely the point that thieves are going to try to exploit to open, it should be anywhere from 9-gauge to 11-gauge for best results. Since not all manufacturers put the metal’s gauge in their descriptions, we’ve placed some of the more common metal gauges and their thickness in inches.

Safe Wall & Door Thickness According To Gauge

  • 9-Gauge is equal to 0.1495-inches
  • 10-Gauge is equal to 0.1345-inches
  • 11-Gauge is equal to 0.1196-inches
  • 12-Gauge is equal to 0.1046-inches
  • 13-Gauge is equal to 0.0897-inches
  • 14-Gauge is equal to 0.0747-inches

Consider Additional Reinforcing Features

Once the consumer has purchased a safe with the proper metal walls and door, it’s now time for them to turn their attention to some of the safe’s reinforcing features. Some of the best biometric gun safes available reinforce the parts that thieves have been known to exploit—such as hinges or parts of the door. After all, it doesn’t matter what material the safe is made out of if the thief can just drop the safe to break the hinges or use a pry bar on the door. Therefore, the consumer might want to consider safes that have at least some of the following reinforcing features.

Common Reinforcing Features:

  • Locking bolts
  • Recessed doors that resist prying
  • Concealed hinges
  • Anti-impact latches
  • One-piece construction without welds
  • Anti-pry bars

Consider Backup Door Locks

The gun owner is also going to want to consider how the safe is opened. Since this guide is discussing biometric gun safes, safes are obviously going to have a fingerprint scanner. This scanner should be able to quickly identify the owner’s fingerprint and should also be capable of storing several different people’s fingerprints. A fingerprint scanner shouldn’t be the only way for the gun owner to open the safe, however. They should also consider backup security features they can use if their scanner fails for some reason.

One of the most common backup features is the ability to open the safe with a key, but the consumer should keep in mind that if they choose a safe that can be opened with a key as a backup, then that lock is going to be the weak point of the safe and will be what the thief is most likely to exploit. Another type of backup is a keypad combination, which provides good defense without providing a point that can be exploited.

Some Final Gun Safe Features To Think About

We’ve already covered some of the security features that can be found on most biometric gun safes, so we wanted to now spend some time discussing some of the other features that consumers might want to consider. The following features are ones that either add to the security of the safe or make it easier to use, so consumers might want to think about whether they need them or not before purchasing a new safe for their firearms.

  • Anti-theft cables for vehicle storage
  • Open-door alerts
  • Jammed door bolt lock alerts
  • Concealed key slots
  • Interior LED lighting

Best Pop Up Tents in 2020 – Reviewed


Although there are plenty of reasons why pop up tents have become so popular, the difference in convenience is massive compared to what came before. The assembly is minimal with most able to pop up in under 15 seconds which leaves you with more time to toast marshmallows by the fire.

Although no one likes to take their tent down, they also take less time to get back into the bag, especially when you know what you’re doing and some are great at staying strong in a storm. So, what is the best pop up tent for you? We’ve taken a look at what the better brands are capable of to come up with a list of the best products on the market. Each one will make your camping trip less stressful and are easy to use.

Quick Summary of the Best Pop Up Tents

Editor’s Choice: Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly

An impressive 6 person tent that only offers you loads of space via the 10ft x 10ft surface. This makes it the ideal pop up tent for families although things can get a little snug when the sixth person lies down. The large O shaped door makes it easy to get in and out and you get plenty of ventilation via the 3 meshed windows.

With a center height of 78 inches, it is one of the more comfortable tents for camping and is backed by a 1-year warranty. Timber Ridge says it can be assembled in under a minute which isn’t the fastest but considering the amount of room it gives you, this doesn’t really matter as assembling it is easy. With storage pockets and a bathtub floor to keep you dry at night, it is one of the best pop up tents on the market.

What we liked about it
  • Large 10ft x 10ft surface
  • 3 meshed windows provides lots of ventilation
  • Can be assembled in under a minute
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Best 2 Person: Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Seconds

For a pop up tent that takes just 2 seconds to assemble this is impressive. A two-person tent that folds up easily when you follow their easy fold system. Although it weighs only 7.3 lbs it is surprisingly robust and as every ten should be, it is fully waterproof. It is easy to carry and doesn’t take up a lot of room making it perfect for a hike.

To help you rest at any time of day it is made of a fabric that offers 99% darkness inside so it is easy to get your head down. With two spaces to the side of the flysheet and the ground it allows air to circulate and has the durability to withstand 50 km/h winds

What we liked about it
  • 99% darkness even during the day time
  • Weighs just 7.3 lbs
  • Wind resistant up to 50 km/h
  • Waterproof
  • Takes just 2 seconds to assemble

Best 4 Person: Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Overlanding Tent

If this assembled a little faster then we may have included it as our number one pop up tent even though it only takes 90 seconds to assemble. The design is unique as it stands 78 inches tall and fits up to 4 people comfortably. It is resistant to wind and water with 50+ UV protection and packs down really small into a 67.5-inch duffle bag.

You get a protective rainfly that comes with tapered seams that are easy to attach to the roof or you can leave it off to get a great view of the night sky. With 61 sq ft of floor space, two accessible doors and a removable floor that you can shake any dirt off it has some thoughtful features and a rugged design.

What we liked about it
  • Stands tall at 78 inches
  • Packs down small
  • Includes a protective rainfly

Easiest To Dissasemble : Toogh 3-4 Person Automatic Pop-Up Outdoor Sports Tent

Made from 210D Oxford Fabric and incredibly waterproof on the outside and on the base the hinged poles can be assembled in a few seconds thanks to the lift design and comes down in around 60 seconds. There are dual doors and a mosquito net and meshed windows to keep things nice and breezy.

The six angled design makes it stable in adverse weather conditions and is an ideal size for 2 -3 adults to sleep comfortably. There is a 12-month warranty included to protect your purchase. It’s spacious inside and it comes with a rainfly to keep you dry when it starts to pour down. The center heights aren’t as tall as other brands as you only get 5 ft 5″ of standing room but other than that this is a convenient pop up tent.

What we liked about it
  • Disassembled in under 60 seconds
  • Includes 12-month warranty

Best Affordable: Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

This reasonably priced two-person tent is great value and assembles in around 10 seconds. This might not be as fast as some of the super quick pop up tents but let’s face it, there isn’t a big difference. The poles are preassembled so you don’t have to mess around with them – they pop into place with ease.

Another neat feature is the tapered floor seams as they keep you dry even when the floor is wet. The rain fly is multi-position so you can get a good amount of protection and ventilation there is ample waterproofing from the waterproof floor to the protected seams and zippers. It folds down flat and stores away easily so whether you go for the 2 or 4 person version of this popular pop up tent you won’t be weighed down.

What we liked about it
  • Pops up in 10 seconds
  • Tapered floor seams keep you dry when the floor is wet
  • Poles are pre assembled

Best For Blocking Sunlight: Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

This huge 6 person cabin tent sets up in just 60 seconds which is impressive for something so big. Although you can fit two queen airbeds in there you can travel a lot lighter, not that it matters since this doesn’t weigh you down. With two storage pockets to help keep things organized and 10 x 9 floor space made from the thick fabric it is built to last.

It blocks 90% of sunlight so you can get a good rest in the day and the tub like floors keep you dry even on the rainiest of nights. the carry case makes it convenient to transport.

What we liked about it
  • Large floor space
  • Assembles in 60 seconds
  • Tub like floor to keep you dry

Pop Up Tent Guide

No one can blame you if you’re just fed up with spending far too much of your camping trip putting up and taking down your tent. It’s a time-consuming process and many an argument has been had between couples trying to get it done. This is one reason why so many people opt for a pop up tent as the convenience is hard to beat.

Still, even lower quality products can be a pain so getting this right is important. To make sure you end up with a pop up tent that is easy to use and built to last, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Pop Up Tent

Fast Assembly

This is the main benefit of a pop up tent and some are better at it than others. We like the quality of a number of products and their set up time ranges from just 2 seconds to 90. The larger the tent the longer it tends to take for setting up but anything under a couple of minutes is going to be more convenient than a traditional tent.


Sometimes it is difficult to prevent a little condensation from forming as the morning wakes you up but there are certain products that are better at preventing it. A well-ventilated tent will be much more comfortable to sleep in and sometimes something as simple as dual meshed windows to allow the air to circulate can go a long way towards ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Waterproof Materials

Not all tents are as waterproof as they will have you believe so make sure your camping trip isn’t ruined by a wet tent. A tent with sealed seams will work to prevent water from getting through and a quality waterproof fabric such as polyester, nylon, or gore-tex are some of the most common.

Wind Protection

As well as being waterproof, your pop up tent of choice needs to be able to withstand strong winds. You never know when the wind is going to pick up so to save you from having to venture outside in the middle of the night to fix the thing it is best to find a tent that is made from durable materials and offers some wind resistance. A lot of the time a company will tell you what sort of protection you get, with the resistance of up to 50 km/h being a common figure.


You can either opt for one large door for easy access and exit or dual doors that allow you to circulate the air well throughout the day. This adds a layer of convenience as squeezing in and out of a compact tent can take its toll over a week’s worth of camping.

Dual doors also allow you to get up to relieve yourself in the middle of the night without having to crouch over someone who is trying to sleep. When it is someone else getting up, you’ll be glad of the extra door.

Standing Room

Longer camping trips mean you need to be as comfortable as possible and anyone who is on the taller end of the height spectrum will need a little standing room. The bigger pop up tents can give you around 6 ft. of standing room which is going to be better than having to crouch down to get changed in the morning.

Lightweight Design

Not only should a pop up tent pack down nice and small but it needs to be light enough to carry if you are hiking. Anyone who is staying close to their car won’t need as much convenience but if you are on the move and need to carry it for long distances then make sure it packs down small and isn’t going to weigh you down.

Dark Inside

The better pop up tents will give you a decent amount of darkness inside so you can rest at any time of day. Also, when the morning sun rises you might wish to get a little more sleep so a tent with 90% darkness or above can be a good fit for anyone who wants to choose when they rise.

How Big Do I Need A Pop Up Tent To Be?

This will be down to how many people you need to fit inside the well-ventilated walls. You should consider your initial need but also future uses as a couple’s tent might be great for the first time but what about when the family wants to use it?

There is also nothing wrong with buying something a little bigger to make things more comfortable. A 2-3 person or 4 person tent can give you lots of storage room but also space to fit a double airbed. If you’re using it for a festival then you probably want space to get changed out of muddy clothes or to store a coolbox.

Pop Up Tent Vs Regular Tent

A lot of people will be trying to decide between the two and although they both offer some unique benefits, a lot of it will be down to personal preference.

When it comes to convenience, a pop up tent wins every time. As long as it is made from durable materials and has a reputation for being easy to assemble then this is always going to be a better option for those who want a quick assembly.

However, regular tents are often built a little sturdier which is why they take longer to put up. This is better for anyone who is camping in extreme conditions or for longer periods although there are some high-end pop up tents that can offer you great protection from the elements.

Anyone on a short camping trip or a festival will enjoy the ease of a pop up tent and the better products last just as long as a regular tent.

Best Shoulder Holsters in 2020 – Reviewed


A good shoulder holster isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a way for a gun owner to carry their weapon, keep is safely secured, and have ready access to it, if so needed. Gun owners shouldn’t just think about the practicalities of these holsters, however. They should also think about which model is comfortable and fits within their budget. To give our readers the information they need to make an informed decision when they’re buying their new holster, we’ve decided to do a rundown on the best shoulder holsters that are currently available for purchase and ready to meet gun owner’s needs.

Quick Summary of the Best Shoulder Holsters

Best Overall: Galco Gunleather Classic Light Holster

Anyone searching for a quality shoulder holster will want to examine this one from Galco Gunleather a little bit more closely. That’s because this product is made with quality suede that not only looks good but also feels good to the touch as well. It’s made from center-cut steer hide leather and is equipped with four pivoting straps. This holster also has a medium-width harness that’s backed with a swiveling backplate and accepts cuff cases, tie-downs, and other such accessory attachments. This holster is also easy to draw from, with the holster not restricting movement whatsoever, but that’s only after the holster’s break-in period. Before that, it’s a little bit stiff.

Most of the complaints that we’ve seen or heard about these holsters were that they were hard to draw from. When we dug a little bit deeper, however, we found that most of the people who complained about this holster’s stiffness didn’t give it a proper break-in period. Unlike holsters made from nylon and other synthetic materials, leather requires a breaking-in period that allows it to conform to the shape of the pistol and allows it to loosen up a bit. Once the holster has been properly broken-in, it works exceptionally well, and we were quite happy with the results. It’s great for a variety of Glock models, double-action revolvers, or semiautomatic pistols.

What impressed us the most about this holster, however, wasn’t its look or its practicality, but how it felt when we wore it. Although we do have to admit that it was a bit stiff when it was initially worn, after it was broke in, it was quite comfortable. It kept the firearm at just the right angle for drawing it, and it didn’t push the sidearm into our ribs the way that other holsters tended to do. Of all of the models we’ve tried, we felt that this was the best shoulder holster available and one that we’d have no problem using regularly.

What we liked about it
  • The holster has a nice classic look to it.
  • Made of quality leather.

Best Value: LINIXU Deep Concealment Holster

Even though some people might want to show off that they’re carrying their sidearm around with them, other people would like to carry their firearms a little more discretely. Fortunately, this shoulder holster gives the gun owner that very option. This model is designed to fit around the chest and can be worn either over clothing or under clothing. It allows the consumer to carry their firearm discretely and keep it close at hand. And because it’s fully adjustable and helps to distribute the weight of the firearm evenly over the back and shoulders, this should holster is easier to carry—which is important for security guards and law enforcement officials who have to carry their weapon all day.

Another thing worth mentioning about this holster is that it’s padded in such a way that it helps to protect the person using it as well as their gun. The padding on this holster keeps the gun from poking into the side of the ribs, and it also protects the gun from the user’s perspiration. These holsters are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in China, so they have the style and the price that gun owners expect. This holster is just a fraction of the cost of leather or nylon holsters, but it’s capable of holding up to all day everyday use. It’s a model that holds up quite well.

If there was one flaw that we felt this holster had, it was the fact that we didn’t feel that it gave the user quick access to their firearm. The way this holster holds the gun makes it a little bit more difficult for the user to pull their weapon, at least compared to other shoulder holsters. This fact is exacerbated when the user wears the holster underneath their shirt or jacket. Although with a little bit of practice, it becomes a bit easier to draw the weapon, it’s still not as quick as other types of holsters. That’s just something that gun owners might want to consider before purchasing this holster.

What we liked about it
  • This holster is comfortable to wear.
  • It has a budget-friendly price.

Best Lightweight: Condor Modular Vertical Pistol Holster

Condor is a company known for manufacturing some quality products, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that this vertical shoulder holster is so well designed and durable. It’s made with a modular design, which simply means that it can be used either right-handed or left-handed, and it comes with two pistol mag pouches to provide the user with easy ammo access. This product also has fully adjustable straps, so the gun owner can adjust it to make it as comfortable as possible. It’s also equipped with a padded shoulder harness, which also helps to improve these holsters fit.

This holster also doesn’t have the same amount of bulk as some other shoulder holsters we tested had. This one seemed to be quite slim and to hold the pistol in a comfortable position. Speaking of pistols, this holster is designed to handle both medium and large pistols, so just about anyone can use it. If there was one complaint that we had about this holster, it was the fact that its snaps felt a little stiff. What we mean by that is that we found there were hard to snap and were even hard to unsnap. This may make these holsters ill-suited to gun owners who need to quickly draw their weapon. Perhaps with a little bit of use, these snaps will eventually loosen up, but up until now, that hasn’t been the case.

If there’s one thing that we liked about these holsters, it was the fact that they didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Sure, this holster didn’t have a nice leather feel to them, but they did feel durable and like they were capable of lasting for awhile. In fact, the most attractive feature of this holster probably is its ability to hold up to everyday use. It’s easy to see how this could be used as an EDC holster. Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s not only available in coyote brown, but is also available in black or olive drab, so there’s a holster set for just about anyone’s style.

What we liked about it
  • This is a durable & lightweight holster.
  • This holster is well made.

A Guide To Buying & Using Shoulder Holsters

Having covered some of the best shoulder holsters available, we thought that we’d shift gears a bit and talk about how gun owners can buy a holster that works well for them and the gun they’re carrying. To address those needs, we put together this guide on the subject—a guide that we hope will be helpful to anyone looking to get a new shoulder holster.

The Pros & Cons Of Shoulder Holsters

Before we get into the actual bit where we give our readers recommendations for buying a shoulder holster, we thought that we’d take a few moments and talk about the pros and cons of using a shoulder holster. Although the following information probably won’t be news to anyone who’s used several different holsters before, for new gun owners it’s an essential piece of information that will help them determine if a shoulder holster is suitable for them.


  • Shoulder holsters are available in a wider variety of options than other types of holsters.
  • They’re comfortable for everyday carry.
  • They make the gun easy to carry and place them within easy reach.


  • It can be difficult to hide the gun unless they’re placed under clothing or jackets.
  • Drawing from a shoulder holster might be slower than drawing from other holster types.

What To Look For When Buying A New Shoulder Holster

Once the gun owner has determined that a shoulder holster is appropriate for them or suits their needs, they then have to choose the best one available. To help solve that problem, we’ve provided a few tips below that will enable any gun owner to buy a great shoulder holster for their needs.

Step One: Choose The Appropriate Type Of Shoulder Holster

The first step to choosing a great holster is to decide which one is best suited for the gun owner’s needs. Modern shoulder holsters come in one of three basic styles and those styles are Vertical, Horizontal and 45-degree shoulder holsters. Let’s take a closer look at each of these separate holster types to see what benefits they impart to the gun owner.

Vertical Holsters

These shoulder holsters are designed to keep the gun close against the body, which makes them easy to draw, although not as easy to draw as horizontal holsters. These holsters are also easier to conceal than other types of shoulder holsters.

Horizontal Holsters

These holsters keep the pistol horizontally in the holster. This makes drawing the weapon quicker and easier than with a vertical holster. Unfortunately, these types of holsters don’t conceal the weapon very well—unless of course, the gun owner is using it for a smaller handgun.

45-Degree Holster

As their name implies, these holsters keep the firearms pointing up at an angle of approximately 45-degrees. These types of holsters make concealing and drawing revolvers a lot easier than other types of holsters.

Step Two: Consider Adjustment Options

The next step to ensuring that the holster works well is to make sure that it provides good adjustments. Being able to properly adjust the holster will ensure that it’s not only comfortable to wear but that it also keeps the weapon safely secure. The holster should be able to be used with a variety of different clothing and will allow the gun owner to adjust it to suit their needs. One thing that gun owners should be specifically aware of is whether the holster has a thumb break. A thumb break is a retaining strap that prevents the firearm from being unintentionally vacated from the holster. This is especially important for people who are wearing their firearm while engaging in physical activity. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the holster uses quality snaps that can be snapped and unsnapped easily to release the weapon from the holster.

Other Options To Consider

Finally, as we conclude this guide, we would like to give the gun owner a few more things to think about before they choose a new shoulder holster. The following additional features are some of the things that gun owners might want to think about before purchasing their next should holster.

  • Consider the cut and style of the shoulder holster.
  • Consider the material the holster is made from.
  • Make sure the holster fits appropriately.
  • Make sure the holster fits the gun it’s going to be used for.
  • Check to see if the holster supports additional ammo cartridges.
  • Make sure the holster can be used either right-handed or left-handed.

Best Climbing Tree Stands in 2020 – Reviewed


You may have been hunting the traditional way for some time and want to mix things up a but with a climbing tree stand and who can blame you. They can give you a new edge and allows you to scope a wider range from a favorable position but you have to be careful.

When climbing to an unsafe height you need your climbing tree stand to be secure to keep you safe and not disturb what is below. This is only possible with high-quality products so to make sure you have all the features and easy set-up we have compiled a list of the best products available. Each one will make for a comfortable hunt with a view.

Quick Summary of the Best Climbing Tree Stands

Editor’s Choice: Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber

Often regarded as one of the top climbing tree stands it has the perfect blend of durability and comfort to make sure you are safe for long sittings. The frame is made from quality steel and can hold up to 300 lbs and allows the user to sit down or stand up. It comes with Summits brand of climbing stirrups to help you get to the perfect height and has a full parameter design to ensure you do not fall out at any point.

One of the best things about this climbing tree stand is how compact and lightweight it is, weighing only 29 lbs to make it easy to take from one hunt to another. It blends in with the surroundings well and has a brown powder coating to make sure it is resistant to rust and is quiet to assemble and sit in as to not disturb your prey.

What we liked about it
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs
  • Safe sitting and standing
  • Only weighs 29 lbs
  • Fast to secure to trees

Best Weight Capacity: Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

Made of sturdy materials this is the best climbing tree stand for the heavier hunter and has a camo finish that blends into the woods well. Although it only weighs 25lbs it is capable of holding a weight of up to 350 lbs making it one of the strongest available. You get a full harness system included to keep you safe and includes a padded back rest for added comfort.

There’s a little more wiggle room with this model and it is a popular model for bowhunters who like to stand with a reliable and stable support. As with any purchase of outdoor equipment we like that it comes with a 5-year warranty and there is also custom filled foam in certain parts to reduce the sound of metal on metal and keeping you undetectable to everything below.

What we liked about it
  • Can hold up to 350 lbs
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Metal on metal sound is reduced
  • Camo finish

Best Lightweight: Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand

One of the easiest climbing tree stands to assemble and use and has a simple yet effective design. The seat is one of the most comfortable available and folds down flat for easy transportation. It is also one of the lightest you can find, weighing just 14 lbs which is half of some of the other models on our list.

The large platform gives you more mobility but also folds up so it is great for both bow hunting and shooting. The durable aluminum is sturdy and is capable of holding the weight of up to 300 lbs and features their SafeLink technology to make it safer for the user to ascend and descend a tree.

What we liked about it
  • Foldable seat
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs
  • Weighs only 14 lbs

Best For Comfort: Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

You have to pay a little more to get high-quality materials but the reliable build of this climbing tree stand is popular for a reason. It fits trees with a diameter range of 6″ to 19″ and despite being able to hold a weight of 350 lbs it only weighs 20 lbs itself.

The sit and climb bar pivots making it easy for you to get to the optimal height and the foam seat is one of the most comfortable on our list making it great for long hunts. There’s a bit more room with this product so it is ideal for regular use and you can use the straps to attach your seat to the platform to make it a little sturdier and comes with a bow holder and well-built footrest.

What we liked about it
  • Can hold up to 350 lbs
  • One of the lightest at 20 lbs
  • Fits trees of 6″ to 19″ in diameter

Best For Taller Hunters: Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand

You can probably already tell that Summit makes some of the most reputable climbing tree stands available and in the 180 Max SD you can see why. It is made from aluminum and can hold a load of 350 lbs which is impressive in itself. The seat is reversible so you can turn it around to face the tree and the height is easy to adjust to make sure you’re always sitting or standing in comfort.

The top frame has been extended making this one of the best climbing tree stands for taller hunters. It comes with stirrups for an easy climb has quiet cable retention that locks in rapidly. Although it is one of the most robust products on our list it only weighs 23 lbs.

What we liked about it
  • Can hols up to 350 lbs
  • Reversable chair so you can face the tree
  • Adjustable height

Best Affordable: OL’MAN Multivision Treestand

With a reputable brand name behind it, the OL’MAN series of climbing tree stands is definitely worth considering. In this product, you get the benefit of changing the method of hunting and can tailor it to your needs. Set it up with the straight bar or gun/footrest to make it ideal for anyone who wants to hunt with a bow or gun in comfort.

A lot of people comment on the quietness of this tree stand as there is no metal on metal sounds helping you to remain undetectable as animals approach. The OL’MAN Multivision Treestand can hold up to 300 lbs at a time, weighs 29 lbs itself and is their best seller.

What we liked about it
  • One of the quietest tree stands
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs
  • Has 3 different ways of setting it up

Climbing Tree Stand Guide

A favorite among bow hunters but also great for anyone who wants to ensure their safety when hunting larger bucks, a climbing tree stand is an excellent piece of kit to have when you get a quality product.

Some people assume they cost too much and are not an important investment but this isn’t always the case. When you know what to expect from a reputable brand it makes finding one of the best Climbing Tree Stands in your budget easily. This is why we have created the following guide so you can climb and hunt in comfort and safety.

What To Look For In A Climbing Tree Stand

No Noise

Naturally, you are going to have to reposition when you see your prey approaching through the bushes below and if you haven’t bought a quality product, this is going to create some noise. Even the slightest creak or sound of metal on metal is going to cause a nervous animal to scarper but the better products know how to get around this.

Some tubing can be filled with foam whilst others ensure metal doesn’t touch metal. Some products call themselves the quietest climbing tree stand on the market but as long as the company has their way of keeping noise to a minimum then you should be able to hunt undetected.


This can come in the form of a harness with 3 or 4 points or a belt. Even reliable straps or just a sturdy build but the better the reputation of the brand, the more likely it is that they will have your safety in mind. A lot of hunters use climbing tree stands to get to great heights so it is vital that the product is sturdy and has your safety in mind.

Comfortable Chair

You could be sitting in your climbing tree stand for hours so you need to find one that comes with a comfortable chair. Otherwise, you are less likely to want to use it so regularly. The better products come with either foam padding or a chair made out of comfortable materials.

Sturdy Platform

Not only does it have to be strong enough so you can stand with confidence but it also needs to be large enough so you can angle your shot to the perfect position. For a standing shot, it might be preferable to have a construction where the seat folds to give you more room which means you will have to rely on the platform even more.

Easy To Climb

Not only should it be easy to assemble but the better climbing tree stands will make it easy for you to get up the tree. This can be in the form of a sit and climb method that tends to be easier to just coming with everything you need to ascend in comfort.


Most climbing tree stands tend to give you around 300 – 350 lbs of support for you and your equipment. This is enough for most people but make sure it is right for you and the amount of baggage you usually take on a hunt.


This comes down to the weight of the climbing tree stand itself. Too heavy and it won’t be ideal for hunting trips where you change position and move from place to place. Most products tend to weigh around 20 – 25 lbs but there are some that are worth considering that weigh less. anything too close to 30 lbs and you might struggle to carry it for long periods.


You might have all the best camo gear going but stick out like a sore thumb because your climbing tree stand has shiny materials that glimmer in the sun or don’t blend well with the environment. To make sure you get a direct hit, choose a product with adequate camouflage.


A larger tree stand will be more likely to give you the space to position yourself for the perfect shot. Once your prey enters your line of vision you need to be able to shoot in comfort so a folding seat for extra room or just a bigger platform can go a long way.

Weather Resistant Materials

Because you are going to be using them outdoors, a climbing tree stand is at the mercy of the elements. This means it will degrade quickly if you do not buy one that is rust-resistant. Sometimes they are made from steel which will need to come with a special coating. To prolong the lifespan of the product you choose, make sure it has adequate protection from the elements.

Are Climbing Tree Stands Easy To Set Up?

This will depend on the brand but most of the time a climbing tree stand will come with simple instructions and make it easy for you to assemble the device and climb the tree.

The best way to ensure you aren’t stood around trying to figure things out is by practicing at home. A lot of products come with video tutorials to make set up simple but keep in mind that most products will require a little patience.

What Types of Trees Can A Climbing Tree Stand Be Used For?

There is no limit as to what tree they can be used with as long as they are the right diameter. Some products give you more options than others but most should be capable of working with a tree of around 6″ to 20″.

This should be plenty enough for you to find the perfect tree and get to the ideal height.

Sit And Climb Vs Hand Climb

This is one of the main decisions you will have to make when looking for the perfect climbing tree stand for your needs. A hand climber will often make less noise as the ascend although they tend to be a little more challenging to use, especially the first couple of times.

The main benefit of a hand climb is that they tend to be lighter but a sit and climb tree-stand, makes it easier and more comfortable to get up the tree.

Best Sleeping Bag Liners in 2020 – Reviewed


Regardless of whether a consumer is a traveler or someone who spends a considerable amount of time traveling, they’re probably going to want to get a sleeping bag liner. These liners, also known as travel sheets, are good for travelers who spend a lot of time in hostels or budget hotels, and is also good for campers who want to keep their sleeping bag in good conditioner longer. Since there are several different varieties of these liners available, we thought that we’d find out which models were the best sleeping bag liners and which ones the consumer should take a hard pass on. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into this subject and find out all we can about these travel sheets.

Quick Summary of the Best Sleeping Bag Liners

Best Overall: Sea To Summit Lightweight Reactor Liner

This liner from Sea To Summit isn’t your average set of travel sheets. It’s not just designed to put a layer of protection against whatever sheets the traveler is going to use them on, but it’s also designed to keep the user warm in cold weather. It’s a product that’s made out of polyester and has a mummy shape that’s equipped with a foot box. It also features a drawcord hood and mini-cord lock. All of these features come together to help the traveler or camper stay warm during cold conditions. When this sleeping bag liner is equipped into a standard sleeping bag, it will add up to 14-degrees of temperature to the bag. Many times, that’s just enough of temperature rise to keep the camper safer in cold weather conditions.

Because this product is made from polyester and not from fleece, it’s lighter and easier to carry. It can be packed down to a 3×5-inch size and only weighs approximately 9-ounces, so it can be taken anywhere. It’s also easier to wash than fleece and will help keep the user’s sleeping bag cleaner for longer periods. Although this liner does cost more than some of its competitors, we feel that this is the best sleeping bag liner currently available and is a must-have for any camper, traveler, or anyone who needs a liner for their emergency sleeping bag. It’s a liner that we think is going to serve a lot of people well.

What we liked about it
  • It helps keep the user warm.
  • It’s very comfortable.

Best Lightweight Liner: The Friendly Swede Camping Sheet

Dirty hotel or hostel sheets and soiled sleeping bags don’t have to be a constant worry of the traveler or camper any longer. At least, not when they have one of these liners to sleep in their sleeping bag. Regardless of whether this liner is used to protect the user against questionable sheets in sub-par hotels or motels, or whether it’s slipped into a sleeping bag and used out in the wild, the consumer is going to find that this product gives them exactly what they need. This liner has an overall size of 41×86-inches, with a body compartment of 66.5-inches when you subtract the pillow pocket. This liner is durable, made of machine-washable polyester and will keep the consumer comfortable all night long.

Since this bag only weighs about 8.35 ounces or about the weight of two sticks of butter, it’s easy to take just about anywhere. It’s equipped with a 23-inch left-side opening that makes it easy for the traveler or camper to slip in and out of, and it has a texture that is as soft as silk. The model we reviewed had a velcro closure that was easy to use, but some models are equipped with a zipper. Of course, the ones with zippers weigh a little bit more, but only a little bit. Even though this product might be a little short for consumers who are over 6-feet tall, we feel that for average size or shorter individuals, these liners are some of the best ones to own.

What we liked about it
  • It’s comfortable to sleep in.
  • It’s easy to get in and out of.

Best Cold Weather Liner: Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner

For autumn or winter weather, this sleeping bag liner is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. It’s manufactured from a micro-polyester that’s comfortable against a person’s skin, weighs only a few ounces, but provides the user with a much-needed layer of insulation. It’s an insulation that will keep the sleeper warm on cold nights, and can also be used as a barrier for when a traveler is sleeping on the questionable bedding of hostels or budget hotels. Although this liner might be a little too warm for sleepers who want to use it during the humid summer months, we feel that for the rest of the year it’s a good travel sheet for anyone to use and enjoy.

This liner is easy enough for most people to fold into a small size and packed into a backpack, so it can be carried virtually anywhere. Another thing that we liked about this sleep liner is that it was easy to maintain. Whenever the user needs to clean it, all they have to do is throw it in their washing machine and then dry it. It’s then ready to go. The rectangular version and the mummy versions of these sleeping bag liners are 80×32-inches in size and they weigh approximately 8-ounces. And because this liner is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, the consumer can count on it lasting through many, many camping seasons.

What we liked about it
  • It helps to keep the consumer warm.
  • This liner is nice and soft.

Best Warm Weather Liner: Vumos Camping Sheet With Full-Length Zipper

Before we get too deep into the review for this Vumos sleeping bag liner, let’s address the elephant in the room, which is this camping sheet’s suitability for cold weather. Although we found that this camping sheet did an amazing job in temperatures 45-degrees Fahrenheit or higher, this product didn’t provide the necessary insulation for any weather colder than that. And that’s okay because this is primarily a summer camping sheet that’s designed to put a surface between the camper and the sleeping bag, or for travelers who need to use it as a travel blanket. If consumers can keep in mind that this isn’t a cold-weather sleeping bag liner, then they’ll appreciate it all the more.

The one thing that we liked about this product was that it was super soft and very comfortable to sleep in. It’s made from 100% polyester, but it has a silk finish to it that just feels lightweight and breathable. This liner is approximately 85×33.5-inches, weighs only 11.5-ounces, and is capable of being packed down to 7.5-inches. That makes it easy to pack into a backpack or duffle bag, and also makes it easy to transport. It also comes with a little pouch that can be used to store or transport this liner. And because it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty, this product should also last the user quite a long time.

What we liked about it
  • It’s a lightweight mild-weather sleeping bag liner.
  • It’s soft and extremely comfortable.

A Guide To Sleeping Bag Liners

It should go without saying that sleeping bag liners are extremely important pieces of equipment for both travelers and campers. Without these liners, the traveler would have to deal with sleeping on questionable sheets at hostels, motels, or hotels, and for campers, it helps them to keep their sleeping bags in better condition and can also add a bit of warmth. To help our readers not only discover the best sleeping bag liners available but also use them correctly, we’ve decided to write this informative guide on the subject.

Choose The Appropriate Liner Shape

One of the first things that the consumer is going to want to consider is the shape of the liner. Most liners come in either a mummy-shape or a rectangular shape, and each of these different shapes serves a specific purpose. For example, mummy-shaped bags are the ones most likely used by campers for inserting into their sleeping bags. For travelers, rectangular-shaped liners are usually the best. Therefore, the consumer should choose the shape of the liner that’s the most appropriate for the liner’s ultimate purpose.

Make Sure To Find The Right Size

Sleeping bag liners come in a variety of different sizes, but most of them are in the 80-85-inch length range. That’s the average length of most liners. That makes them appropriate for most people. However, some liners are smaller than that, which might pose a challenge for taller travelers or campers. Therefore, if the person is taller than average, then they might want to pay special attention to the liner’s size to make sure that they will fit comfortably in it.

The Liner’s Material Are Also Vitally Important

The next thing that the traveler and/or camper is going to want to seriously think about is the material that the liner is made out of. Although consumers had fewer options in the past as to what their sleeping bag liner was made from, they have many more options available to them nowadays. These liners are made out of everything from silk or cotton to fleece, synthetics and microfleece materials. Let’s take a closer look at each of these materials and see how they hold up to certain conditions and what their pros and cons are.


Although cotton sleeping bag liners aren’t as common as they used to be, some still use this material. Cotton is soft and allows air to pass through it, but it also absorbs moisture and that can cause it to get wet. The problem with it absorbing moisture is that it holds said moisture against the person’s skin, which can lower their body temperature and cause hypothermia. Therefore, cotton isn’t a material that a person who’s looking for a cold-weather liner is going to want to choose. The main benefit of cotton is that it’s cheap and lightweight.


Silk is a lightweight material that, like cotton, is very comfortable against the skin. It’s a material that’s capable of breathing in warm weather, but also helps to insulate during cold weather. Although silk does absorb moisture, unlike cotton it doesn’t hold that moisture against the skin and is capable of remaining warm. That makes it a good all-weather material, but we’d advise consumers who need cold-weather protection to choose another material altogether. Silk isn’t as cheap as cotton, but it’s not as expensive as some of the insulates either, so it’s a good middle-ground choice for some people.

Fleece And/Or Microfleece

As most people would probably guess, fleece and/or microfleece is a great choice for cold conditions. This material is capable of making a sleeping bag up to 12-15 degrees warmer, and it’s a material that very soft against the skin. Fleece and/or microfleece does wick-moisture away from the person’s skin as well, so sweat isn’t laying on them in cold conditions. Unlike cotton, however, fleece and/or microfleece doesn’t hold the moisture against the skin and dries quickly. These materials also have a moderate price. However, the main problem that fleece or microfleece sleeping bag liners have is that they tend to be bulky.

Polyester Synthetics

This category of materials includes a variety of polyester synthetics including materials such as Cool Max. This material allows air to pass through to the sleeper, and it wicks moisture away from the user’s skin. Because materials in this category are polyester blends, they tend to be hydrophobic, which means that they don’t hold onto moisture and dry quickly. This ability can make these good all-weather fabrics that have a moderate price tag. And because polyester is capable of stretching, most users find these bags to be more comfortable for sleeping.

Insulated Fabrics

Although these fabrics can be more expensive than other types, they are very warm and are capable of raising the temperature within a bag anywhere from 15 to 25-degrees Fahrenheit. This material also is moisture-wicking and dries 50% faster than cotton fabrics, so moisture won’t be held against the skin. Overall, this is a good material for use in cold-weather conditions, but as we said, it is a more expensive choice than fleece.

Best Pistol Lights in 2020 – Reviewed


For a pistol that’s going to be used in low-light conditions, the best pistol light isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. Sure, a person could carry a separate flashlight with their pistol, the way many police departments do, but why do that when you can have the ease and convenience of using a pistol light? These lights help to free up the shooter’s hands, so they can concentrate on their target and not only balancing a flashlight. They’re such an important part of equipment for any gun owner, we decided to go ahead and do a review on them. The following models are the ones that we found to be the best.

Quick Summary of the Best Pistol Lights

Best Overall: Streamlight Weapon-Mount Tactical Flashlight

This pistol light is designed to fit on not just pistols, but a variety of long guns and rifles as well. Although an adapter might have to be used for some types of pistols, this light usually works quite well with larger long-slide pistols with straight rails. Once this light is equipped, it’s capable of delivering up to 800 lumens of the LED light. This model is 3.39×1.47×1.44-inches and is made from aircraft aluminum that’s been anodized with a quality finish. It’s also equipped with shock-mounted glass lenses. This allows the light to be durable and long-lasting. It also gives the light a classic look that many people are going to appreciate. It’s a style that goes well with the style of most pistols and will never look out of place.

This light’s rail-grip clamp system is designed to be easy to use by the consumer. It goes on without the user having to use tools and also without them having to place their hands in front of the pistol’s muzzle. It’s a product that’s designed to fit light-bearing hosters, and it comes equipped with a programmable strobe that the user can enable or disable according to their needs. It’s a light that looks good and doesn’t chew through batteries the way that other types of tending to do. Although this product does costs a little bit more than comparable pistol lights, we do think that it’s the best one currently available.

What we liked about it
  • It’s nice and bright.
  • It fits larger pistols quite well.

Best Lightweight: Olight PL-2 Valkryie 1200 Rail Mounted Light

Just by holding this light in your hands and looking closely at it, it’s easy to see that it’s a quality light. It’s has a nice sleek look to it, and it seems to be well made. It uses a well-machined T6 aluminum-alloy that’s been coated with a military-grade type III anodize coating. It’s also equipped with a quick-attach and quick-release mounting system that can be easily operated using only one hand. This light is also equipped with an on/off switch that makes no noise, so it’s suitable for security guards or law enforcement officials to use. And it has three convenient operation modes: strobe, constant on, and momentary on.

This quality pistol light is equipped with impact resistance, up to a distance of 3-feet, and it only weighs 3.8-ounces. It’s approximately 3.25×1.44×1.26-inches in size and is water-resistant up to the IPX6 rating. This light uses two CR123A batteries, has a peak beam distance of approximately 771-feet, and it has a beam intensity of up to 13,800 candles. It’s turbo and strobe settings can provide 1,200 lumens for up to 70-minutes. If there’s one flaw to this light it’s simply that the user might have trouble finding a light-equipped holster for it. For other brands, finding a holster isn’t difficult, but for this one, it might prove to be a challenge. Some holsters are available that will fit it, just not as many as other brands.

What we liked about it
  • The light is nice and bright.
  • It has an IPX6 water-resistant rating.

Best Value: Firefly V2 Pistol Light With Laser/Strobe Function

This pistol flashlight might not be as durable as some of the other lights we’ve examined, but that’s not the point of buying it. The point of this light is that it’s a budget model that costs anywhere from 50-60% less than traditional premium pistol lights. However, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s not worth owning. This light has a few great features that any gun owner would be proud of using. It’s a light that will fit any firearm equipped with a Picatinny rail, and that includes not only a handgun but also a rifle or shotgun as well. And it’s made by a combat veteran-owned company that tries to deliver quality equipment to their customers at a decent price.

What we liked about this light was that it was very accurate. Its laser can be zeroed in quite well, in much the same way that another sight would be adjusted. The one flaw we found on this light was that it was hard to turn the light and/or laser on without removing our hand from the pistol grip position. It would’ve been nice if we could’ve worked the light with our thumb without having to take our hand out of position. However, we will say that we did like that there were buttons on both sides, so consumers could use either their right hand or their left hand to turn the light on and off.

What we liked about it
  • This light isn’t very expensive.
  • Its light is pretty bright.

Best Affordable: Ozark Armament Tactical Pistol Light

Now we’re going to review the Ozark Armament TFL-1-P, a budget pistol light that offers the gun owner a low-cost solution for equipping their favorite pistol with a powerful flashlight. First and foremost, we’re going to say that our initial impression of this product didn’t leave us too impressed. Although this product isn’t poorly made, it’s clear to see just by holding it that it’s not a premium model. It just doesn’t feel extremely durable, although it is rated to be shock and water-resistant. We’re not saying that it won’t hold up to use or will immediately break when it’s being used, but we’re not sure it’s a model that will handle a lot of field use.

The next thing we’d like to say about this pistol flashlight is that it seems extremely easy to mount, and it is capable of mounting to any full-size pistol with a Picatinny clamp mount. This product features a light that will produce about 500-lumens of bright white light. While that might not be as much light as premium models produce, it is suitable for most people. This model is also equipped with a strobe feature and constant on-mode features as well that gun owners can use as they see fit. And fortunately, the switch for this light is easy to reach. All of this makes this a great budget pistol flashlight that should fit in any gun owner’s budget.

What we liked about it
  • It is a low-cost light model.
  • Its light is pretty powerful.

Selecting The Best Pistol Light Available

We didn’t merely want to give our readers a rundown of the pistol lights that we felt were the best, we wanted to give our readers the information they need to make the choice for themselves. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the features that gun owners should consider before purchasing their next pistol light. Having said that, let’s get this guide started with the first thing the consumer should think about when purchasing one of these lights.

First Step: Consider The Light’s Lumens

The first thing that the gun owner is probably going to want to think about is the brightness of the light. As a general rule, the consumer should choose a light that has at least 200+ lumens. However, the consumer needs to keep in mind that just because a pistol light operates at the same lumens as another light doesn’t mean that they will have the same amount of brightness. Light spread is just as important as lumens are to determine whether the light is bright or not.

As an example, let’s compare a 600-lumen light that has a small spread with an 800-lumen light that has a wider spread. Which one is most likely to be the brightest? In this case, it’s most likely the light with a lower amount of lumens. Why? Because the light is concentrated on a smaller spot and isn’t spread out. Now, if the consumer can get a light that has high lumens and a lower spread, then that’s likely to be an extremely bright pistol light.

Second Step: Make Sure It Fits The Pistol

After choosing a sufficiently bright light, the consumer is going to want to make sure that light is going to fit their pistol. Not all of these lights will fit every pistol available, so the consumer should make sure that it’s going to be compatible with their pistol. Some pistol lights have a universal design that allows them to be used on a variety of different firearms, while other lights are only designed to fit certain pistols.

Third Step: Consider The Light’s Size & Weight

It’s a very good idea for the consumer to also pay attention to the size and the weight of the pistol light they’re considering purchasing. The gun owner is going to want to make sure they get a light that’s big enough to be useful and to have the features they need, but not one so big that it’s going to interfere with the functioning of the pistol. It’s also important to make sure that the light isn’t too heavy or it could throw off the user’s aim just slightly.

Fourth Step: Make Sure It Can Be Operated While Maintaining A Grip

For most pistol users, the position of the buttons is going to be of prime importance and an indicator of whether the light is easy to use. Ideally, the pistol owner is going to want to be able to turn the light on or off or operate its other features, all without removing one hand from their grip to do it. The pistol user is also not going to want to have to move their hand in front of the muzzle to use the light efficiently. Therefore, consumers should try to find a light that can be operated with just a finger, so they can maintain a proper pistol grip while they’re operating a light.

Fifth Step: Make Sure It Will Fit A Holster

Although this step isn’t vital to finding a great pistol light, it is something that the consumer might want to consider. As anyone who has ever bought these lights before will tell you, not all pistol light will fit into a standard light-bearing holster. Sure, name brands such as Streamlight have many holster options available for their users, it can be difficult to find a holster for some of the no-name lights available. If the user is going to keep their pistol in a gun safe or bedside drawer, then this isn’t going to be a problem, but for most people, it’s something they want to think about before purchasing a pistol light.

Consider A Few Last Details

Okay, that’s just about everything a pistol owner is going to want to consider when they’re choosing a new pistol light. However, those aren’t the only considerations that need to be made. There are a few other things that the consumer might want to think about before they commit to a particular light. Below are a few of the features worth considering:

Some Final Details To Consider:

  • Laser sighting
  • Strobe light/constant on features
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Quick-release mounts

Best Face Paints in 2020 – Reviewed


When we talk about face paints, we’re not referring to a kids party or cosplay, we’re looking for quality hunting face paints. If you want to delve into certain hunting environments, there is a need to remain undetectable so you can get close to your prey. There are plenty of techniques you can use, and they all start with face paint.

The better brands give you lots of options so you can tailor the paint to your surroundings and at the end of a day’s hunt, it should be easy to get off. This is easier said than done for a lot of brands which is why we have created our list of the best hunting face paint so you can make this an easy decision.

Quick Summary of the Best Face Paints

Editor’s Choice: Arcturus Camo Face Paint Sticks

Packaged like shells and ready to help you hone in your target, these neat hunting face paint sticks are easy to use. In the double-ended sides you get 6 color options and each one works to give you the perfect shade for your surroundings. Choose from brown, black, moss, light green, forest, and olive and apply via each stick to ensure you aren’t left with messy fingers when you need to pull the trigger.

Each end has a safety cap to avoid spills and you push on the opposite end to push up the color you want to use. It stays on well but is easy to remove after – no sticky residue and hard scrubbing required. You’ll only need a little soap and water to remove either a fully covered face or streaks under the eyes.

What we liked about it
  • Compact casing
  • Easy to use without the need for applying with fingers
  • 6 color options
  • Comes off easily

Best Clay Based: Carbomask 1 oz. Three-Pack

From Carbomask comes this quality three-pack of hunting face paint and it has featured favorably in magazines such as Bowhunter so you know it must be doing something right. They come in three conveniently packaged 1 oz tubes that can be fixed onto a lanyard and kept around your neck during a hunt.

This is the woodland pack that consists of shadow black, earth brown and hunter green and is regarded as some of the best camo face paints going. The formula is clay based so it won’t come off after a little sweating or rubbing but to remove it you just need to splash some water and rub it off properly. It doesn’t clog the pores and it’s not greasy so there’s no glare when you have a big buck in your sights.

What we liked about it
  • Easy to keep at the ready
  • Clay based formula
  • Doesn’t run when you sweat
  • 3 quality color options

Best Value: HME Products 3 Color Camo Face Paint Stick

The paint stick design is one of the best for hunting face paints and it is easy to apply 3 colors at once thanks to the convenient design. It comes in a roll-up case so you don’t have to get your fingers dirty and although you will find it difficult to apply each one individually it is one of the easiest to use when you don’t have a mirror to hand.

There is a good amount of coverage even though the roll-up container is compact and makes it easy to give your face paint a little touch up when you’re spending a long time on a hunt.

What we liked about it
  • Easy to apply roll up
  • No mess roll up
  • Good for touch-ups

Easiest To Remove: Hunters Specialties Crème Tube Makeup Kit

The packaging might be a little basic compared to some of the other brands but we like the value you are getting here. you get the typical woodland colors included so expect leaf green, flat black, and mud brown to help you blend into the woods so an unsuspecting prey walks right into your path.

The 1 oz tubes are easy to use although other brands can be applied without needing to get the camo face paint on your fingers but it does come off pretty easily with a little soap and water or wet wipes if you have any to hand. The formula goes a long way so even though these tubes are small they should last a fair amount of hunts even if you use them for full coverage.

What we liked about it
  • Woodland color pack gives you 3 good options
  • Comes off easily

Easiest To Apply: Hardy Facepaint 3 Color Camo Bundle: Black, Brown and Green

Whether you are paintballing and taking it seriously or want to make your hunt go as smoothly as possible these easy to apply camo face paints are ideal. They allow you to apply the paint without having to get any on your fingers thanks to the mess-free brushes and comes in a lightweight water-based formula to ensure your pores do not clog.

There is no grease involved and what encourages a lot of people to buy this product is that it is free-from the likes of sulfates, alcohol, parabens, dioxins, synthetic dyes, and a lot more. The simple colors are brown, black, and green which is similar to most reputable brands and most people find it one of the easier hunting face paints to remove with a wet towel.

What we liked about it
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to apply thanks to the mess-free brushes
  • Water-based so won’t clog pores
  • Free from a lot of nasties

Best With Mirror: Bobbie Weiner Camouflage Face Paint, ACU/ABU

This is the only product on our list to give you a mirror to work with so apply this camo face paint is easier than a lot of the other brands. The colors match camo uniforms to help you blend into your clothing and once applied the formula does not provide any glare and is odorless.

You get around 20 applications which is impressive so expect it to last for many hunts and the colors are soap activated making it easier to clean off when you’re done. The colors include dark brown, slate green, loam, and sand. The downside is that you have to apply using your fingers so there is a little mess involved but the colors stay on for a long time and look great.

What we liked about it
  • Lasts for up to 20 applications
  • Great color selection
  • Includes mirror

Camo Face Paint Guide

When you want to blend in with the shrubs and bushes you can’t rely on the Halloween face paint you have stored in a cupboard and it needs to be tailor-made for hunts or paintballing. The better products stay on your face when the heat starts to get to you and should be easy to reapply should you embark on a long hunt.

This is easier for a quality brand but how can you tell the good ones from those that are cheaply made or include harmful chemicals? We have created the following buyer’s guide to make sure you stay hidden and comfortable in a reputable hunting face paint.

What To Look For In Camo Face Paint

Color Choices

Some people prefer to use only a couple of colors when applying their hunting face paint whilst others like to make sure they can match different surroundings. It is best to consider the type of hunts you will be using the camo face paint for and if you will be mixing it up a but and hunting in a new environment. That way, when it comes to applying your face paint, you have the means to blend into any woods or bush.

Easy Application

The problem you might find with some products is that although they contain quality paints, they have to be applied with your fingers. This is fine as they should still come off easily and not affect your aim but it is always easier to find a camo face paint that comes with a brush or in the form of a stick that you can rub straight onto your face and neck.

Easy Clean-Up

When you and your friends are admiring your buck or other animals at the end of a successful hunt, you don’t want to be spending ages scrubbing a stubborn camo face paint. The best products come off with a little soap and rubbing although certain brands are known for being easier to remove.

No Glare

To remain completely undetected and stalk a nervous animal is by ensuring your face paint won’t bounce off the sun. The slightest sense that something isn’t right will send a deer running for cover so make sure your camo face paint of choice won’t let you down at the crucial moment.

No Scent

A nervous animal has a heightened sense of smell and if something isn’t right, it can put them on high alert. You want your prey to be as comfortable as possible to make things easier for you so choosing a hunting face paint that has no scent is the best approach.

Easy To Carry

Most camo face paints are pretty compact and even the 1 oz tubes can be thrown into a pocket with ease. However, some are even easier as they come in a roll-on form or have lanyard holes that mean that can be thrown around your neck or kept together like a set of keys.

Kind on Skin

Whether you are wearing camo face paint for a couple of hours or a whole day at a time, it needs to be kind on the skin. This can be in the form of a product that is free from toxic chemicals and ingredients or simply something that doesn’t clog the pores. Do your research and check with the ingredients list or what the company says about their formula.

How To Remove Camo Face Paint

Some brands make it easy for you to clean the camo face paint off after a hunt or paintballing session but there are some that are a little stubborn.

The easiest way to get every last corner of face paint off is by using wipes and you can pick them up pretty cheap and store them in your car. This approach is less messy than others.

Otherwise, a little soapy water will get the job done with some pressure applied.

Camo Face Paint: Oil Vs Clay

Although both work well there is something to be said for the effectiveness of clay-based hunting face paint. Let’s take a look at what you should expect from an oil face paint first. They tend to run a little easier which can mean you end up with streaks and have to reapply throughout the day but these paints are often more affordable.

For frequent wear they aren’t ideal as they can clog pores and clean up is a little messier. This is where a clay camo face paint is great. They come off well and when it is dry it does not smear easily. Another benefit of using clay face paint for hunting is that it is easy to remove and there are fewer streaks involved.

How To Apply Camo Face Paint

This is down to your personal preference and the surroundings as some people like to go for an all-over coverage that includes the full face and neck whilst other people like to paint streaks in areas where sweat can often drip and reflect in the sun.

One tip is to paint each side of your face a different color so you look less of a different version of your self and have more of a natural look that matches the surroundings. The same goes for each side of your neck.

As long as you make sure there are no distinguishable outlines to your face so it isn’t recognizable and there is no shine, you should find yourself able to lurk without detection.

What Is The Best Camo Face Paint?

For the perfect blend of convenience and performance, we found the Arcturus Camo Face Paint Sticks to be the standout camo face paint going. It is easy to apply thanks to the stick based application and gives you 6 color options which are more than most. Clean up is pretty standard and there is no glare so you can’t ask for a lot more.

Best Crossbow Scopes in 2020 – Reviewed


Any hunter who has ever used a crossbow knows just how useful these hunting tools are. A crossbow is always cocked and ready to shoot on a moment’s notice, is easier to stabilize than a bow and work exceptionally well when they’re paired with great optics. With the purchase of the proper scope, the hunter can improve their hunting accuracy a whole lot. That’s why we’ve decided to spend some of our time reviewing and discussing the best crossbow scopes available. Thanks to the following optics, the crossbow will not only become a better hunting instrument, but it will also be better for target shooting as well.

Quick Summary of the Best Crossbow Scopes

Best Overall: UTG 4×32 1-Inch Pro Crossbow Scope

This crossbow scope is designed for hunters who want an extremely accurate scope for hunting but don’t want to beak their budget to buy it. This model is half the costs of many of the so-called professional crossbow scopes and it’s built on a platform that’s designed with Smart Spherical Structure, which increases its accuracy dramatically.

This scope is approximately 208mm long and weighs only 12.3-ounces, but it is capable of making anyone a lethal crossbow hunter. It’s all because this model features a professional 5-step red/green reticle, variable velocity compensation, and 5-horizontally calibrated lines that are designed to help the shooter with quick aiming at 10,20,30, 40 and 50-yard distances.

Because this scope is equipped with a broadband lens coating, it’s capable of delivering one of the brightest image transmission available among hunting optics that work well with the lenses’ large field of view. This scope also features zero lockable and resettable target turrets that allow for proper elevation and windage adjustments in the field.

This crossbow scope features an objective lens size of 32mm, tube diameter of 1-inch, and a 4x magnification level. It has a 27.2-foot field of view at 100-yards, an eye relief of approximately 3.8-inches, and has a 1/4-inch click value at 100-yards.

The above features aren’t the only ones that can be found on this scope. They also feature a side-wheel that gives the user control over the illumination of the red/green reticle. This allows the hunter to adjust the brightness level on the fly, so they can compensate for varying light conditions out in the field.

This scope is also equipped with a flip-open lens cap that protects the lens when it’s not in use. Just keep in mind that the lens cap needs to be lifted before sighting an animal because it does make an audible sound when it’s flipped up. Consumers should also keep in mind that this scope might require some time to sight in. However, we think that’s minor because once this scope is zeroed in, it’s one of the most accurate scopes we’ve seen.

What we liked about it
  • It is a reasonably priced scope.
  • It’s remarkably accurate.

Also Recommended: MA3TY 300 FPS 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope

This scope comes with two scope rings, two flip-open lens caps, two batteries, a wrench, a cleaning cloth, and a detailing manual. It has a tube diameter of 1.18-inches, a length of 8.27-inches, and is made out of quality aluminum. It’s a parallax-free scope, with a multi-coated lens that helps to eliminate glare and improve clarity.

The scope has a weight of approximately 15.8-ounces, so it’s heavier than some other crossbow scopes, but it is designed to be durable. It’s designed to be waterproof up to 19.7-inches in water and to be impact resistant up to 1,000G. And because it’s nitrogen sealed as well, it’s also a scope that’s fog proof.

This scope features a wide-angle image that’s not only clear but also bright as well, and because it’s equipped with a large eye-relief, the hunter can bring the scope quickly up to their eye to shoot only fly. This scope is adjustable between 300 FPS and 425 FPS, although we did feel that the FPS setting left a lot to be desired. We felt that it was sometimes difficult to adjust the FPS, especially when we needed to do it on the fly. That just means that it’s not a zoomable scope in any sense of the word, but even so, it’s still a quality crossbow sight that works well and does a decent job.

What we found exceptional about this scope was the scope’s red/green reticle. It’s easy to sight in low light conditions and is easy to use out in the field. Another thing worth commenting on is that this scope has a scope cover that flips up or down and helps to protect the scope’s lens.

These scopes have a magnification level of 1.5-5x, have a 32mm objective diameter, and use a ballistic reticle. Regardless of whether the consumer is looking for a scope for shooting targets or for shooting deer, this scope is designed to provide them with the speed of sighting and accuracy that they’ve been searching for in a scope.

What we liked about it
  • Adjustable for speeds between 300 & 425 FPS.
  • This scope has good clarity.

Also Consider: Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5×32 IR Crossbow Scope

Hawke is a company that proudly states that they didn’t invent crossbow scopes, they merely perfected them. We wanted to see if that was indeed the case and if these scopes were as good as the company says they are. So we decided to give it a go and see how it worked.

The first thing that we noticed about these scopes is that they’re expensive, they certainly do have the premium price going for them. However, once we got over the shock of their initial price tag, we noticed that their scopes were pretty good. They might not be the best crossbow scopes, but they come pretty close.

These scopes are equipped with optics that are built from the ground up to provide excellent clarity to the shooter. What makes their optics so special? They’re special because they’re 1-inch optics that are coated with eleven different coatings to ensure excellent light transmission, improve clarity and reduce glare. And because it’s a mono-tube chassis, the consumer can rest assured that these scopes are as strong as they are clear.

Other things worth mentioning about these scopes are that they have a glass-etched reticle that is equipped with red/green illumination, and a rheostat that can be adjusted to one of 5 different levels of brightness, thereby ensuring the hunter can sight their prey in a variety of low-light conditions.

This scope’s reticle is designed to offer the aim points that the hunter needs. it offers aim points in ten-yard intervals that go from 20 yards up to 100 yards. And because this scope has a speed selector range that can be set from 250 to 425 FPS, then it can fit a wider array of crossbows than cheaper scope models. It also should be mentioned that these scopes feature an eye-bell that allows for a quicker focus time than other scopes.

What we liked about it
  • This is a high-performance crossbow scope.
  • Delivers excellent light transmission.

A Guide To Crossbow Scopes

Although we feel that any hunter and or target shooter will enjoy any of the above crossbow scopes, we do understand if our readers want to select something different. That’s why we’ve taken the time to write up this guide. We hope that this guide will give the consumer the information they need to buy not only the best crossbow scope in general but the one that’s best for them. Let’s get started with one of the most important considerations for any consumer to think about when buying a new scope for their crossbow, and that’s the size and weight of the scope.

Step One: Consider Crossbow Size & Weight

I’m sure there are going to be plenty of crossbow enthusiasts who don’t feel that the size and weight of the scope should be the first thing for consumers to think about, but we do feel that it’s an appropriate place to start. Why? Well, because the size and weight of the scope can have a dramatic effect on how the shooter acquires targets. If the scope is excessively long or heavy, then it can interfere with the shooter’s performance.

Unfortunately, as would be expected, as the magnification level of the scope increases, so does its size, so consumers do have to weigh that against the size of the scope. What the consumer is going to want to do therefore, is choose a scope that’s just long enough to deliver the magnification level they need and nothing more. It’s also a good idea to get the lightest scope available.

Step Two: Let’s Consider Scope Magnification

Once again, some hunters will wonder why we decided to next talk about the magnification of the scope, but once again, we feel that it’s vital to its performance. Scopes are available in either Variable Power or Fixed Power models, and each one of these work differently. For example, a fixed power scope offers a magnification level up to 6x, but the user can’t cycle through them to achieve the one they want. Variable power models, on the other hand, can have its magnification levels cycled to deal with the consumer’s needs at any given moment.

All of this may sound confusing, but it’s not. If the hunter is going to be shooting game from a distance of 45 yards or under, then they may want to get a fixed power scope. However, if they need to shoot game from a distance of over 45 yards, then they will probably want a variable power scope. As we briefly mentioned in the last section, it should be noticed that as magnification levels increase, so do the size of the scope.

Step Three: Now Let’s Talk About The Scope’s Lens

The next thing that should be considered is the scope’s lenses. Generally speaking, the consumer is going to want to choose a scope that provides them with the best view possible. Therefore, the lens should be coated in special coatings that help to increase light transmission, decrease glare and help the consumer achieve more visual clarity. The consumer is probably also going to want to make sure that the scope has a red/green reticle on it with an adjustable rheostat. This will enable the user to use the scope in a variety of conditions, even in low-light conditions.

Step Four: Eye Relief Is Also Important

The next thing to consider is the scope’s eye relief. For those readers of ours who are unfamiliar with the term eye relief, it means that the distance the hunter can hold the end of the scope away from their eye and still get a good view. Most scopes have their eye relief measured in either millimeters or imperial inches, for quick reference. If a scope has an eye relief of three inches, that means that the consumer can keep the scope away from their eye that distance and still see through it. Every hunter is going to have his or her preference when determining the eye relief they need, so we can’t recommend what’s distance is the best. What we will say, however, is that if the consumer wears glasses, then they will probably want to make sure they get one a suitable amount of eye relief available to them.

Step Five: Put It All Together

Now that we’ve gone over the main features of buying the best crossbow scope, it’s time to turn our attention to a few other details the consumer might want to consider before purchasing their new scope. Below are some of the things that should be considered that will improve the performance and accuracy of any crossbow scope they’re found on.

Other Scope Features Worth Considering:

  • Waterproof or weather-resistant design
  • A fog proof design.
  • Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • The crossbow’s mounting system.

Best Tourniquets in 2020 – Reviewed


To stop a serious bleed in an emergency, a tourniquet can be a life-saver. A lot of hunters and hikers will keep a tourniquet available just in case, and it is especially important if you are far away from help. An accident can happen at any time, be it a car accident or anywhere else. But when you are in the great outdoors they can be particularly bad and help can be far away.

Applying pressure onto a wound isn’t always enough but to be sure that you have the best tourniquet that pinches the artery to stop the blood loss but you have to make sure it is made by a reputable brand. The last thing you want is a faulty product that doesn’t work when you need it to. This is why we have created a list of the best tourniquets available.

Quick Summary of the Best Tourniquets

Editor’s Choice: North American Rescue Military Issue, Black

When it comes to life-saving equipment, quality is everything and that’s exactly what this quality tourniquet gives you. Otherwise known as CAT, it is the official tourniquet of the U.S Army so you know it has been the subject of rigorous testing. They say it is 100% proven to occlude blood flow and this is for both upper and lower extremities.

This is popular with preppers and easy to use thanks to the sturdy buckles and thick straps that make it easy to attach. The red tip at the top of the strap makes it easy to locate to make the whole process of fixing it faster and a quality windlass twist handle is made from polymer. Be wary of fakes as anything under $25 is likely to be.

What we liked about it
  • Official tourniquet of the U.S Army
  • Sturdy buckles and straps
  • Easy to use and good for self-application
  • Made from quality materials

Best Value: Recon Medical BLK-1PAK-FBA Tourniquet

Reasonably priced but still made of materials sturdy enough to save a life you can use it for self-application as it has been designed so you can apply it with one hand. The buckle features non-slip teeth to help prevent any slack and the windlass is made from aluminum making it both light and strong.

There is a large time strap that makes it easy to record the precise application and the strap has a finger hole that makes it easier to pull and create tension then there is mud, rain, or even blood causing your hands to slip. Another neat feature is the kevlar stitching that keeps everything in place when you pull and the affordable price makes it great for keeping more than one tourniquet available.

What we liked about it
  • Non-slip teeth
  • Hole on the strap makes it easy to grip and pull
  • Good value

Best Weather Resistant: SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet, Blue 1/EA

Another quality option and one of the best tourniquets for those looking to spend around $30. The strap is made from single-layer nylon webbing to make sure it does not fail you in adverse weather because certain types of velcro can be less effective when dirty or wet.

The windlass rod is strong and sturdy thanks to its aluminum construction which also allows it to be lightweight enough to carry in comfort. It auto-locks to stop any slack and maintain the pressure which is a useful feature since slack is what causes a tourniquet to fail. As with a lot of models in the world of tourniquets, it features a time band so you can record when it was applied and will click when everything is tight enough.

What we liked about it
  • Good value
  • Weather-resistant
  • Strong windlass rod made from aluminum
  • Auto lock to prevent slack

Best Affordable: SOFTT-W Tourniquet 1.5 – Black

The buckle on this sturdy tourniquet has been amended to make sure it is easier to use for a faster application. The 1.5″ band allows you to apply consistent pressure and is broad which makes it as comfortable as can be expected for the patient. The snap-lock buckle allows you to adjust the strap and move it without undoing the whole thing so you can move to place it where it needs to go with speed.

This model is known for being sturdy but light enough to carry easily and the strong handle works to ensure the product doesn’t fail. There is plenty of room for it to fit around large limps but it doesn’t take long to tighten it in an emergency and ensure there is no slack.

What we liked about it
  • 1.5-inch band is comfortable for the patient
  • Snap-lock buckle for easy readjusting
  • Lightweight but sturdy

Best For Practice: M2 Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT) – Paramedic

Many people regard the ratcheting medical tourniquets as being the easiest to use and are ideal for practicing before you encounter an emergency. They require just a couple of steps to operate and the ratcheting system is self-locking making it one of the best tourniquets for single-hand use.

The downside is that it doesn’t always fit in a holster so you will either have to find another way to carry or store it, or try and find a holster large enough. This tourniquet is good for applying precise pressure and when you know how to use it, you’ll see why this is one of the fastest products in our list to fix into place and tighten to stop the blood flow in an emergency.

What we liked about it
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Self-locking
  • Can be used for practicing

Best Elastic Bandage : SWAT-T Tourniquet, Orange

This is a little different to the rest but the convenient size makes it a good addition to your first-aid kit. To use it as a tourniquet the user must wrap it around the limb and pull to create tension before tucking it to secure. The latex-free materials are strong yet stretchy but also doubles up as an elastic bandage or pressure dressing in an emergency.

One of the best things about using this product is that it is so easy to use and takes seconds to apply. The name SWAT stands for stretch, wrap, and tuck which is exactly what the company advises you to do when using it. The design is simple, but that’s the best thing about it.

What we liked about it
  • Easy to use
  • Latex-free materials
  • Can be used as an elastic bandage or pressure dressing as well as a tourniquet

Tourniquet Guide

Stopping an artery from bleeding can be the difference between life and death which is why so many people make sure their first-aid kit has a tourniquet handy. The best tourniquets are easy to use but made of durable, strong materials so you can produce enough tension for them to be effective.

The problem is, there are a lot of flimsy products out there and you won’t find out that they aren’t able to help in the way they should until the crucial moment. To make sure you or a victim you are trying to help get the best possible assistance, we have created our guide to tourniquets.

What To Look For In A Tourniquet

Anti-Slack Feature

Whether this is in the form of an auto-lock or another method, the tourniquet you choose needs to be able to reduce or eliminate slack. If there is room for movement then the device might fail to apply adequate pressure which is why slack is the main reason why a tourniquet can fail. The quality products will be able to work against this, to ensure their model works.

Time Band

This is to show the emergency services the length of time a tourniquet has been attached for. The better products will have a thick space that makes it easy for you to record the time of application and will let them know how much longer it can be safely used. the longer the tourniquet is left on, the higher the risk of lasting damage will be so it is an important bit of information to know and record.

Sturdy Windlass

This is only necessary if you are buying a windlass tourniquet but the ‘stick’ instrument that should be turned to increase tension and reduce slack needs to be made from sturdy materials. Aluminum is a common material used because it is strong and lightweight.


The hope is that you never have to use the tourniquet once you buy it but if the time comes when you will be thankful for opting for a quality product and not trying to buy a product that us cheap and known for being flimsy. This is certainly a case for quality over quantity so it is better to buy one reputable product than two sub-par tourniquets.

A Wide Cuff

The better products have this covered but a wide cuff ensures that the tourniquet is going to be more comfortable when in use and is less likely to cause tissue damage than something with thin straps.


When faced with a perilous situation you don’t want the items in your first aid kit to fail you. The best tourniquets won’t start to fray or become difficult to use after the first use although it is always a good idea to keep a second around just in case.


This is more than just being resistant to rain but consider the fact that there might be blood present or even mud. This shouldn’t effect the performance of the tourniquet but in some cases, it can. Velcro can become less reliable under certain conditions so be sure that the brand you are looking at is made from quality materials and if it uses velcro, it is known for being durable and still capable of working in adverse conditions.

Common Types of Tourniquets


Once the constricting band has been tightened over the limb, a windlass can be turned to apply added tension until the bleeding stops. A common method and one that has historical roots.


These feature a closed loop and a self-locking buckle that tightens as you pull. As you increase the pressure the buckle continues to lock and when you need to release the tourniquet, there is usually a simple release mechanism.


These are popular with the police and have the benefit of packing down well and being easy to use. Being able to wrap the elasticated material and stretch it to cause tension is a fast way of stopping the bleeding from a severe wound although other methods tend to be seen as more effective.

Are Tourniquets Dangerous?

This is a question that many people ask and although they need to be treated with caution, a tourniquet is not dangerous when used properly. Although a tourniquet can lead to nerve damage if left on for too long, the better products will come with a time band to ensure the emergency services can see how long it has been on for, and act accordingly.

Preventing rapid blood loss is a matter of survival and a tourniquet can help.

Are There Fake Tourniquets?

This should be a concern for anyone looking for a tourniquet so only buy one from a reputable seller and read the reviews. When someone’s life is at stake you don’t want to rely on cheaply made survival equipment.

One of the most common products to replicate is the CAT design so be wary of cheap imitators and if it seems too good to be true ($15 for a CAT for example) then chances it is.

How To Store A Tourniquet

Many people store their tourniquet in a tailor-made pouch or holder and this can allow for easy access when you keep it nearby. Others will put it in their first aid kit but remember you don’t have to conceal a tourniquet even though it can be sensible to keep one in the trunk of your vehicle.

How To Learn To Use A Tourniquet

Although the best tourniquets will be pretty simple to use and should all come with easy to follow instructions, nothing can replace practicing for yourself. There might be a time where the seconds all matter so knowing what you are doing in advance can make a big difference.

The method will be different on each type of tourniquet so when you find a model or brand that you like make sure you learn how to use it. this can be via practicing on yourself or watching a video online. Because a tourniquet can wear out under the repeated tension and pressure you to create during practice, it is often a good idea to buy a second that you use for emergencies and another for practice.

Best Gun Safes Under 500 in 2020 – Reviewed


For the safety of you and everyone in your home, you need to ensure you keep your guns in a secure place. Not only is this the law but it is just common sense but with plenty of high-quality products available, it can be both a practical and enjoyable purchase.

This is only the case when you buy a reliable product that has the right features for your needs. Yes, a gun safe should keep unwanted hands out but everything from the materials, lock type, style and beyond should also be considered. To make this purchase as simple as possible, we have created a list of the very best gun safes under 500 and each one will be a worthy addition to promoting gun safety in your home.

Quick Summary of the Best Gun Safes Under 500

Editor’s Choice: Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Often considered one of the best gun safes under 500, Barska ensures you can get to your rifles fast but anyone else will find themselves with an impossible job of getting into your guns. These safes are DOJ approved and have a slim, compact design to ensure it can be kept out of sight in a wardrobe or cupboard, or even placed in a corner out the way.

To access there is biometric fingerprint technology that ensures only you can open it and there is also an optimal silent mode when discretion is key. There is a removable shelf but it is useful for keeping ammo and space underneath for 4 rifles without accessories. It comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware to keep it in place and the solid construction from the solid steel walls ensures no one is getting in.

What we liked about it
  • Room for up to 4 rifles
  • Slim design fits almost anywhere
  • Fingerprint access
  • Pre drilled holes for mounting

Best Pistol Safe: Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe

An affordable gun safe for under 500 and one that you can keep your handgun inside with confidence. There is an anti-burglary hinge system to prevent a thief from getting inside and anti-pry bars, and interior security brackets to give you multiple layers of protection. If you want a rugged gun safe for under 500 then this is up there with the best thanks to the carbon steel construction that can keep your gun and any special belongings safe.

The backlit keypad and biometric fingerprint access allow you to get inside quickly and comes with a built in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 months at a time and only takes 2.5 hours to charge via USB. You can still use keys to get in manually and it comes with an interactive app and ore drilled holes with mounting hardware included.

What we liked about it
  • Different ways of accessing the safe quickly
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 4 months
  • Lots of anti-theft mechanisms
  • Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included

Best For Up To 10 Guns: Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

Ths handsome double-sided cabinet wouldn’t look out of place in any room and although it is bigger than most, it gives you plenty of storage room for multiple weapons. It can house up to 10 rifles or shotguns that stand up to 54″ and there is even a foam padded surface to ensure there is no risk of scratching. The 4 shelves to the left are removable but foam padded to keep everything in place.

These shelves are ideal for valuables and ammunition and everything is protected by the steel door that has been reinforced for extra-strength. The 3-point locking system is secured by steel plates although others might give you a little more protection, this is still a reliable gun safe for under 500 and can be fixed to the floor of the wall.

What we liked about it
  • Can hold up to 10 rifles
  • Plenty of stortage room and removable shelves
  • 3-point locking system reinforced by steel plates

Best Fingerprint Access : Verifi Smart.Safe. Biometric Gun Safe with FBI Certified Fingerprint Sensor

With a large fingerprint sensor that has been approved by the FBI, this impressive gun safe for under 500 gives you tamper warnings and self-diagnoses to ensure the battery is sufficient and makes sure everything is running as it should. You get years of use out of 4 x AA batteries (a pack is included) and the tamper alerts we mentioned before log any failed access attempts.

It stores up to 40 fingerprints so every adult in your home can access the handgun should they need to but there is also enough room for ammunition and valuables. Engineered in the USA, it has a solid steel door, concealed hinges, and 14 gauge safe walls. There is even an open door alert system to keep a child safe should you forget to close it.

What we liked about it
  • Temper alerts
  • Stores up to 40 fingerprints
  • Solid construction

Best Value: SnapSafe Lockbox Keyed Lock

It might not look like much but the SnapSafe Lockbox Keyed Lock is a quality gun safe for well under 500. One of the best value products available, it is made from 16-gauge steel to ensure it cannot be tampered with. Everything inside is protected by a thick foam layer that stops the gun and other valuables from scratching.

There is room for two handguns but not a lot else but it does come with a 4 ft heavy-duty cable made from steel that secures the lockbox to any stationary object. The steel key lock is easy to operate and it comes with two keys and is approved by the Californian DOJ.

What we liked about it
  • Good value
  • Can hold up to 2 handguns
  • Comes with a steel cable to secure it to a stationary object

Best Affordable: V-Line Quick Access Keyless Shotgun Safe (Black)

Anyone who owns a single rifle or shotgun will appreciate the security in this top opening gun safe under 500. The price is appealing but it is the high-grade keyless lock with a code combination that keeps the weapon secure. To add a layer of security there are also two keyed locks so any thief trying to access the gun is going to find it impossible to get in.

You can mount thew safe on a wall or into the floor and can be secured either horizontally or lengthways. There is no fireproof information and it won’t house a gun with a scope as there isn’t a lot of space either side of the firearm.

What we liked about it
  • Can be mounted horizontally or lengthways
  • Code combination security with two keyed locks as well

Gun Safe Under 500 Guide

Anyone living with young children, pets, or just those who know they need to sit on the right side of the law when it comes to gun ownership knows that a reliable gun safe is a must-have. With so many to choose from, they can either be practical or decorative but above all else, they must be secure.

To help make this decision an easy one, we have created the following buyer’s guide. It helps you consider everything you should expect from a gun safe under 500.

What To Look For In A Gun Safe


You need to keep all the guns in your home safe so one of the first considerations when looking for a gun safe under 500 is capacity. There are plenty of options and although two products might be able to house the same amount of firearms, their design can be different so you aren’t limited in terms of choice.

You might need something to hold 4 rifles, 8, a combination of different sized firearms as well as ammunition but whatever you need, there will be more than a few gun safes with your specific capacity requirement.


There are different ways a gun safe under 500 can keep thieves and children out. The modern approach is to use a fingerprint recognition mechanism but this can be enhanced with a key lock.

Other approaches are coded passwords and some even offer you a combination of more than one method.

Easy Access

You never know when you might need to get inside your gun safe in a hurry so it is important to find a product that you can get into within a few seconds. Fingerprint recognition tends to be one of the fastest and some products have a larger reading feature to make the process quicker.

Removable Shelves

This might not sweeten the deal for everyone but having shelves to organize your valuables and ammunition can help you to keep more than just your firearms safe.

Secure Materials

To keep a thief out you need more than a lockable safe. The sides need to be constructed from a heavy-duty metal such as steel and the lock should be reinforced by metal plates on the inside. The hinges should not be on the outside so they can’t be tampered with and the overall build should have a sturdy feel to it so a burglar doesn’t sense an easy opportunity.

Mounting Capability

Another way of keeping your gun safe secure is by purchasing one with pre-drilled holes and mounting equipment. This ensures the unit cannot be picked up and taken from your home and makes it that much harder for a thief to get to your weapons or valuables. The smaller units will be easier to pick up so being able to mount the gun safe to the floor or a wall is vital.

Check that the included bolts are sturdy enough otherwise a thief will find it easy to pry it from the wall.


The gun safe under 500 should be able to fit into your home without taking up too much room. If it is a larger unit that houses multiple rifles and shotguns it is likely to have a design that makes it appear part of the furniture or at least makes it blend in.

Even a gun safe that holds 4 rifles should be built a little different but if it has a compact design it can fit in a cupboard or wardrobe to keep it out of sight.

Tamper Alerts

Not all gun safes under 500 will give you tamper alerts but if it can be a useful feature and some products include it as standard. This will usually come in the form of a notification on your phone so look for products that come with an app.

Why Use A Gun Safe?

If this is a question that has been on your mind then we’ll assume you don’t have kids as they are one of the main reasons most people look for the best gun safe available.

Guns can be valuable and a thief will see it as an easy way of getting their hands on something that is worth a few bucks or just want to stop you from getting to the contents.

What Is The Best Location For A Gun Safe?

This depends on the unit your buy as you will have fewer options for the larger gun safes. Still, if it is compact you can keep it out of sight which is preferable if you have young children in your home.

Still, a lot of people want to know they have quick access to their firearm if it is for home defense and a fingerprint access system will be preferable to a keyed unit n this case.

How To Anchor A Gun Safe

No matter what your budget, any gun safe under 500 or above should come with thorough instructions to help you mount or anchor the unit. The better products will have pre-drilled holes that show you exactly where it needs to be drilled but be cautious when considering drilling new holes as it might negatively impact the security of the gun safe.

Can I Change A Gun Safes Combination?

With most models in the gun safe under 500 range you should find adequate information on how to change the combination should you forget it or suspect that someone has discovered the code.

If this isn’t made clear in the instruction manual then you can usually contact the company’s customer service directly to find out how.

What Is The Best Gun Safe Under 500?

It’s hard to define the best gun safe for everyone’s needs as the size and amount of guns will vary from person to person. We found the highest quality was with Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe as it had ample space for up to 4 rifles and a removable shelf for ammunition and other belongings. The slim design makes it easy to store out of the way and the reinforced steel and fingerprint access are great for keeping thieves at bay.

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