The Special Ops of the US Military are trained using special gear which allows them to properly execute their extraordinary task(s).  These specially trained units are the best of the best, and they use the best of the best.    Below is a brief overview of some of the special gear used by the Special Ops forces.


Eotech Sighting Systems – This system combines range and aim in a single holographic image.  The wide field of view is advantageous to maintain awareness within the broader field.  Combine the above with the Eotech Sighting System’s unmatched speed in target acquisition and it is easy to see why it is a top choice for US Special Forces.



Surefire Millennium Universal Weapons Lights – This light features is consistently reliable in combat situations due to its high degree of shock-isolation.   The components for this modular unit are interchangeable allowing rapid field conversion.


Protech Delta 4 Ballistic Helmets – The Protech Delta ballistic helmet is chosen for its light weight structure and its ability to meet the demands of a special ops team.  This helmet was designed to provide ballistic protection to the extreme – threat level IIIA protection.



Benchmade Knives – The quality, craftsmanship and dependability make Benchmade Knives a top choice for Special Forces.  One such knife is the 9050SBK.  The automatic opening mechanism on this knife makes it reliable for rapid deployment, yet can still be easily closed using one hand.  The knife is used by US Coast Guard rescue swimmers, and is used in US Air Force survival kits and vests and is also used by other US armed forces including special operations.


Blackhawk Commando Chest Harness – This extremely comfortable chest harness has a number of pouches to carry various types of munitions ordnances and other items like compasses, radios and rations.  The ¼” closed cell foam in the back doubles as an flotation device for river and stream crossing.


Blackhawk Serpha Level 3 Tactical Holster – This patented level 3 tactical holster provides a high level of function, retention and security.  The holster allows for even weight distribution.  In addition, the swivel buckles allow for quick-disconnect while delivering maximum mobility.



Invisio Q7 Communication Device – This device uses bone conduction technology and is a top choice for SWAT Teams and military Special Forces alike.  The device operates well in windy, noisy or even quiet environments.



AN/PVS-17 Night Vision Scope – This high scope intensifies images for night vision sight and fits easily on a variety of weapons.  The PVS-17 operates submerged in depths up to 66 ft.  It is currently used by the Special Forces of the US Marine Corps.


The above equipment represents only a small sample of the extensive list of special gear used by the US Military’s Special Ops.