The Armed Forces History Museum would like to ask you to please support House Bill H.B. 2794, which would make the POW/MIA Flag a forever stamp.

Because the POW/MIA flag was presented on a US Postal Stamp back in 1995, the US Postmaster declined the flag for a forever stamp.  The 1995 stamp, however, is now out of circulation.  This bill, if passed, would direct the Postmaster General to provide a forever stamp in honor of the sacrifices of the members of the Armed Forces who have been prisoners, missing, or unaccounted for.  The stamp would further depict the National League of Families POW/MIA flag.

The House does not have a date yet as to when they will be voting on the bill.  It is possible that only public pressure will bring the bill to the floor.  Without your support, this bill could be overlooked.  Currently, the bill has 42 co-sponsors.  How can you help?

Please contact your representative and ask them to support HB 2794.  Who’s my representative?  Found out who you need to contact by clicking on the following link:


You can also track this bill by clicking on the following link:  Perpetual POW/MIA Stamp Act.    This page will provide you with an updated account of co-sponsors and the bill’s current position within the legislative progress.

Don’t let our POW/MIAs be forgotten, please join the Armed Forces History Museum in supporting H.B. 2794 so these valiant military men and women can be forever remembered on a forever stamp.