From what is known, the force is divided into three squadrons – Squadron, A, B and C.  Each squadron is made up of three troops – one recon / sniper troop and two direct action / assault groups.  Delta Force falls under the command of the Joint Special Operations Command.


The selection process for the US Army Delta Force is rigid with most of the recruits coming from the Special Forces Groups and the 75th Ranger Regiment.   The recruits must undergo a number of physically challenging tests which increase in difficulty throughout this portion of the program.  Next they will undergo a series of mental challenges. It is only then a recruit is told whether he has been selected to enter into the 6-month Operator Training Course.

This intense phase of training consists of a number of courses.  Students are first trained to be excellent marksman first with stationery targets and then moving targets.  Once they have become proficient, they are challenged in what is known as a “shooting house” where they are assigned to clear the rooms inside of all enemy targets.  Students are challenged individually and then perform the task again and again, each time adding a team member (up to a total of four).  Once the group(s) has successfully cleared the house, hostages are added among the enemy targets.

Students are also taught to break various types of locks and how to build bombs from easily accessed common materials.  They are also taught espionage skills and specialized driving techniques using advanced driving courses and a variety of vehicles.  They are further instructed on how to use the vehicle(s) as both a defensive and an offensive weapon.

Delta Force units  cross-train with similar units from other Allied countries.  They have also assisted in the training of other US counter-terrorism groups such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Hostage Rescue Team.  The US Army Delta Force is an extremely versatile organization and is said to remain on standby in order for immediate response to any terrorist threat situation.