It’s not just a ride, it’s an adventure!!

Get upclose and personal when you experience a ride on AFHMs WWII M8 Reconnaissance Vehicle.  This ride is unique, fun and exciting for children and adults of all ages

Check out videos from a few of our recent rides:  WWII M8 Rides

For additional information on pricing and time/date availability, please call the museum at (727)539-8371.  Rides are available during most museum hours, (with the exception of Sundays)  and reservations are encouraged in order to accommodate your visit.

What’s more fun than a day at the Armed Forces History Museum?  The answer is easy – a day at the Armed Forces History Museum AND a ride on a fully restored, World War II M8 Greyhound.  Viewing the museum is an experience in and of itself, but add a ride on this M8 armored car, and you have taken your visit to a whole new level.

While often mistaken for a tank, due to its large size turret with a 37 mm cannon, the M-8 is actually considered a 6 x 6 armored reconnaissance vehicle.  The museum’s M8 Greyhound is complete with a Browning .30 cal machine gun (de-milled of course) and other accessories used in WWII.  Your ride is sure to become the main topic of conversation as you convey this incredible experience as part of your museum visit.  A ride on this vehicle leaves a lasting impression for years to come.  Where else can a civilian go and ride on a military vehicle?

Don’t Miss Out

This is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and is only available here at the museum.  Take the ride of your life as the M-8 takes you “off road” behind our museum.  Planning ahead will be well worth it.